73% of CEOs Think Marketers Lack Business Credibility

73% of CEOs Think Marketers Lack Business Credibility: They Can’t Prove They Generate Business Growth. They are not effectiveness-focused enough,leading to CEO-Marketer disconnect.

LONDON, 15 June 2011 – 73% of CEOs think Marketers lack business credibility and are not the business growth generators they should be: they are still too far from being able to demonstrate how the cross-channel marketing strategies and campaigns they deploy grow their organisations’ top line in terms of more customer demand, more sales, more prospects, more conversions or more market share.

That’s one of the key findings The Fournaise Marketing Group, one of the global leaders in Marketing Performance Measurement & Management (MPM), identified through its 2011 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program in which it interviewed more than 600 Large corporation and SMB CEOs and decision-makers in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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